May 09 2014


When doors were first invented some

people couldn’t see the horizon’s ships

like Rory Dodd sings “turn around”

but she doesn’t sometimes&

then she says let me sleep

on it and at the restaurant where

you came there’s no word yet

on Michael the archangel in america

may be losing his feathers in

the backseat or dancing a peace

sign over his eyes in a bar

and Samuel Sam Sammy Sam wakes

in the night to hear the Lord’s voice

the Lord says “Samuel” but “Samuel”

means “name of the Lord” and Sam

says I’ll give you my answer in the

mourning what is promised

by the prophet in his/her own house

before doors were invented stayed

in the house before the internet

the closet doors stayed locked shut

like licked envelopes without your

name on them only some people

could see the queerness&those who

refuse to list their names don’t tell or get

asked& football is similar to war there is

armor there is the crowd & the circus

& the trauma to the head& there is a cold

draft and love leaks through & who you

love becomes a statement like in war

the guy said only in war do you find some

one from your hometown and love them

for it but when you were on the street at

home&saw someone did you love them?

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